Handy Bash feature: Process Substitution

It was a few years ago I was working with my friend Jordan Samuels, when we wanted to compare two versions of a file at a particular URL. I knew what to do…

$ curl http://somesite/file1 > file1
$ curl http://somesite/file2 > file2
$ diff file1 file2

Simple right? Download file1, download file2, and diff them. 3 steps.

But before I could type it, Jordan grabbed the keyboard and typed some crazy voodoo I’d never seen before…

$ diff <(curl http://somesite/file1) <(curl http://somesite/file2)

Ooooh, what was that weird syntax? And why did it appear to run twice as fast as what I was expecting?

Process substitution!

Process substitution gives you similar capabilities to piping. Except piping only allows you to pipe the output from a single command into another. In the diff scenario, we need to pipe the output from multiple commands into another. And that’s what process substitution allows us to do.

The syntax for using process substitution is this:

$ some-command <(another-command)

Where some-command accepts a filename (or multiple filenames) as arguments, and another-command writes output to stdout.

Wait a minute… how does that work? There are no filenames anywhere? Well, behind the scenes, when Bash sees the process substitution <(…), it’ll create a temporary file descriptor which it uses as the filename and pipe output from the other process into it.

When to use process substitution

If a regular old pipe will do, just do that. But there are a few scenarios when pipes won’t cut it…


Apart from simplicity, another advantage of using process substitution is Bash will automatically parallelize your tasks. Returning to our first example…

$ diff <(curl http://somesite/file1) <(curl http://somesite/file2)

… Bash will run both those curl commands in parallel. Sweet huh?

Ok, that’s it. Have a nice day.

Diving deeper

If you want to get into the nitty gritty details about how this stuff works, here’s some more reading.

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